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Word used by the allmighty Woodrow Gibbs to describe anything to do with science or food.
"Yo man, last night I ate a phospholipid pancake for breakfast."
by Orin January 11, 2005
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N. A lipid, or fat, composed of glycerol joined to two fatty acids and a phosphate group. The hydrocarbon tails are non-polar, or hydrophobic, while the remainder of the molecule is hydrophilic, or water loving. They tend to form a bi-layer, a structure that resembles a sandwich, with the hydrophilic heads facing outwards, and the hydrophobic tails facing each other

This is a very specific word that has nothing to do with IHOP and pancakes, unless one is talking about excessive levels of bad cholesterol and saturated fat being incorporated into one's cell membrane through the blood stream.
The phospholipid bi-layer of the cell's plasma membrane contributes to its selective permeability.
by CTY-chick June 28, 2011
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