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An error or blunder over the phone that usually results in major embarrassment or foot in mouth syndrome.

Derived from "faux pas" and pronounced <fone pah>.
I thought I hung up the phone, but realized the person on the other end could hear me say awful things about her - what a major phone pas!
by Babs & Coco June 09, 2006
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A phone pas is similar to a "faux pas", except that it is committed with a phone, instead of the face-to-face social variety. Usually, a phone pas is something like talking on yr cell in a movie theatre, or leaving it on in spite of clear signs to turn it off, or checking messages or texting constantly while on a date esp. while at a table in a restaurant.
I like Suzy alot, but she committed at least 3 phone pas, and that was inbetween the appetizer and the main course!
by ashandwit July 02, 2011
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