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A person that walks into a Radio Shack and gets as many cell phones that he or she can get on a contract and sells them on the streets.
Customer - Yo, what's up?
Employee - How can I help you today?
Customer - I would like to sign up for a new At&t contract.
Employee - how many lines will you be getting today?
Customer - However many they let me have
Employee - Ok, and what kind of phones?
Customer - iPhone 5s.
Employee - What color would you like?
Customer - Whatever color you have.
Employee - Ok, they said you can have up to 5 lines with a $100 deposit on each one.
Customer - Great I will take 5 iPhone 5s' any color.
Employee (Yells out to the store manager) PHONE MULER, PHONE MULER.
by Phone Muler 1 February 18, 2014
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