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a get together made by scott curby it involves going to an unknow place with unknow people and unknown beverages if in fact you go yu end up at the damn with no clue what your doing you relize your friends have no idea what their doing so you decide that it's a party basesd on the fact that you find humor in all thinking that the enitre concept sux massive ass and what mostly happens is they go thining that they might meet girls in this undecided place but it turns out to be a big sausage fest and they mostly pass out talking about how they are all hooking up with hottie etc etc etc when all they do is repat the phantoim patry scene every night thinking somthing knew will happen that in it self would make them all insane
scott: hey mike lets call vinny and see if he wants to party
mike: ha! he won't go, he does not understand our parties
Scott: we party? damn i didnt know we could call it that
by CHENTAY July 09, 2004
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