A person who is subscribed to every account dan and phil have, follow them on every social media they have, and constantly blog about them on tumblr
Person one: omg dan and phil did a thing. I'm not okay. *rolls on the floor crying*
Person two: you are such phan trash
by Phils___ass May 13, 2015
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A person that knows literally everything that can be known about two British vlogers Dan(danisnotonfire) and Phil(amazingphil).That person usually follows them on every social media and follows all of their channels and posts about them a lot. They talk about them all the time and have post notifications on of course so every time there's a new video or a tweet or literally anything they post a person that is phan trash will start jumping or sometimes crying from happines. People who are phan trash usually have no life because their whole life became Dan and Phil. There is something called pinof(phil is not on fire) which is a q&a video that Dan and Phil do together and usually when the new one comes out a person that is phan trash will probablly cry of happines. They usually suck at school bc Dan and Phil consume their life. Most of people who are phan trash are phansexuals which means they are attracted to Dan and Phil but at the same time they want them to be together.
I know literally everything about Dan and Phil that can be known from the internet. I know all of their videos and I have a bunch of their merch. I totally ship them. Wow I am such phan trash
by Iamcool(notreally) December 04, 2016
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