A professional wrestler from Ontario, Canada. Trained by Scott D'Amore. He is the inventer of wrestlings sickest move, the Canadian Destroyer, a flip piledriver. Rumor has it that he invented the move while Drunk, however this claim has not been proven to be true. Former TNA wrestling X Division champion, and captain of the Team Canada faction.
by Coo Coo Canuck June 10, 2006
A user on the WFigs forums, who has a strange obbsession with Petey Williams.

The legend of Petey Williams Guy began the night that the proboards servers were down due to a fire and the Temp. board was born. The Temp. board was full of spam and gay porn (eeww). One man set out to post a Petey Williams picture in every thread in existance.

Rumors of Petey Williams guy lurking around WFigs have spread throughout the forum. A possible return is keeping the admins at the edge of their seats, just ready to ban him for good.
Adam Bomb: "Man that Petey Williams Guy sure is funny."

Some hater: "That guy was such a dick. I hope he dies a slow painful death."

Petey Williams Guy: "Muahahaha"
by Mick Floyd August 28, 2008