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Sometimes you can wear out your wang by overworking it. In these times it's good to give your wedding tackle a break so send it on a petercation! Maybe it needs full spa treatment with an essential oil rubdown. Or it could just need a quick nap before returning to action. Either way take care of your gentleman sausage so that it doesn't peter out at the wrong time. A happy, healthy, and well rested unit will return the favor by pulling overtime during those extended log jamming sessions.
Last night Mary really wanted to burn the midnight oil with an extended rump-humpin', love making session. Sadly, my man muscle wasn't up to challenge after I watched the Naughty Nurses marathon so I'm sending Mr. Happy on a petercation. A nice soothing massage with some kanuka oil and a little rest and I'll be able to jim-jam Mary's boo-hole until the rooster crows!
by KudaMuda November 19, 2014
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