1) person who follows a vegetarian diet with the exception of fish and all other sea foods.

me =)

Billy considers himself a vegetarian, but he has a weakness for shrimp so technically he's a pescitarian.
by Da Emo Bunny March 30, 2008
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Omnivore who has a preference to seafoods, is not a vegetarian in any shape or form.
Omnivore = eats plant & animal

vegetarian = won't eat animals based on them being conscious & feel pain

Pescetarian = eats plant & animal, more specifically fish

Usually done for health reasons over ethical, vegetarians dislike the title pescetarian as they often refer to themselves as vegetarians to save hassle of explaining what a pescetarian is. Thus vegetarians are associated as eating fish & this is seen on menus as vegetarian options
Pescitarian/pescetarian is a slight change in spelling.
by datguy1&datguy2 August 27, 2011
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Vegetarians who eat fish, not because they believe they have no feelings and have a short memory, but for health reasons, as they have nutrients that can't be found in just vegetables.
Some people also think it's spelled pesKitarian, but it's not.
Anyone who thinks pescitarians eat fish because they don't have feelings are ignorant and shouldn't be on the internet.
by Not a pescitarian April 25, 2010
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A person that eats no land animals of animals that fly.

Similar to a vegetarian, with the exception that they eat seafood.

This mostly occurs because of medical reasons, wether mineral loss or other.
Waitor "are you ready to order"
Man "erm, can you tell me what is pescitarian?"
Waitor "pescitarian"
Man "Basically like a vegetarian, with the exception that they eat seafood. This mostly occurs because of medical reasons, wether mineral loss or other."
by SHOD... April 23, 2011
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An ascendant being who has forgone consuming creatures of the sea, be it for belief, religion, accessibility, or otherwise. The opposite of a pescitarian.

An anti-pescitarian can consume any other form of meat or produce, and in some cases, even aquatic vegetation: but one would not be seen tearing apart aquatic arachnids for diminutive strips of foul-smelling meat.
Tom: As we are not beings of the sea, we can not know the impact that mass-fishing has on the environment. Indeed, the butterfly effect from fishing in Alaska has most likely led to countless environmental catastrophies, such as invasive species or the death of the coral reefs. Thus, I am an anti-pescitarian.

Ava: I just asked if you wanted Red Lobster.
by @kkkum May 1, 2020
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