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When one is completely preoccupied, intoxicated and engulfed in a massive swarm of sms communications. The topic nine times out of ten being sexual in nature or having such undertones. Sexting of high caliber on a large scale; charting new territories over the digital abyss.
Mike: Did you just see Kory almost run into that lady in the store wearing that intoxicated expression staring at his phone?

D: Ha, yeah pervatious intextication, is quite an entertaining condition to have-much less see in effect..

Mike: Yeah he almost took that poor woman out. Did you see the look on his face when he came to? Looked like he would of if his mom had just caught him balls deep in a cambodian immigrant tied up in their basement.

D: Ah shit thats terrible, man!! thats a little too pervatious even for his taste.

Mike: nah, just sayin..
by Unintentionall Sic-tionary October 03, 2010
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