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Persona Shifting A Persona Shift is somewhere between assuming a mood and the personality of their animal. Some Were Creatures have a separate persona for their "wereside", the different personae may even have memories attached to them that other persona's don't have (i.e. other persona's can't remember that event). Different personae often have different outlooks on the world, different skills, and other things like that. Learning to recognize different personae that you shift into (if you are a persona shifter) can be very beneficial in learning to extricate yourself from the mess and confusion that persona shifting can easily cause, and knowledgeable persona shifting can be beneficial, such as shifting into a persona that is calm and level-headed in a dangerous situation or shifting into a persona, at the right time, that knows how to write very well to ensure straight A's in English.
by nighttherian September 19, 2016
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