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per·snick·ett·y per-snik-i-tee

1. One who possesses quality traits of a whore.

2. One who is promiscuous, meandering, and bitchy.
3. An overly jealous heinous snob, who uses sex for a profession.

1. snobby, bitchy, overparticular, vain, conceited, and whorish.
2. rich, manly, over-zealous, inadvertendly intrigued by sex and money.


1885–90; orig. Scots, var. of pernickety

—Related forms
per·snick·et·i·ness, uber-noun


1. nitpicking, finicky.
That whore is so persnicketty!

Yeah, man I can't believe she's so snobby!
by boxchief101 March 20, 2010
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