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Term used when one acts or speaks in a way not true to character in order to decice or bamboozle others .
April: hey Jen have you met my new boyfriend Jim?. He's the one helping that old cross the street
Jen: Omg girl you're dating Jim? I just seen him last night at the bar he totally took home a Hooker
April: no way he's so dashing and debonair ... look there he goes rescuing a kitten from a tree
Jen: no girl he's just perpetrating the fraud!

Jon: dude look at that hot chick over there with the nice rack, she looks so smart reading that big novel
Jim: i knew her in high-school she wears those stick on boobs and that book she's reading is upside down LMAO
Jon: damn if she ain't perpetrating the fraud!
by osogood03 November 19, 2010
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