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Having both a perm, and a mullet haircut.

A Kentucky waterfall, Mississippi mudflap, hall & oates up front/ billy ray out back, old school Geraldo Rivera, the dragon slayer, the Hasselfoff, the redneck rollback, the 30-10-60 (30% up top, 10% on the sides, 60% out back), the morgantown miner, the business/casual, the whale tail, the carnie,

A haircut designed to pull tail. The most magnetic haircut on Earth, not one female can resist the permullet, its MINT!
Barber: "how would you like your haircut Casey?"

Casey: "you've seen the show DOG the Bounty Hunter, right?"

Barber: "Yes"

Casey: "I want to look as mint as he does, he's my idol with that permullet"

Barber: "he's a tool"
by rileyriley April 28, 2010
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