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1. Having eco-style or sustainable style (green style), buying used clothing or rags that are made with renewable resources. (based off the word perma-culture which is a sustainable/eco-savvy way to farm/grow).

2. When one attains lasting if not almost infinite style (permanent style), a classic style that transcends time.

3. Can also refer to a hair style that uses gels or pastes that cannot be rinsed out, ever.
The enviro-advocate and Hollywood icon, Woody Harrelson strutted up to the mic with permastyle dawning his vegan 'Earth' shoes, recycled 'Patagonia' fleece, organic cotton t-shirt and Wind Powered New Belgium Fat Tire Beer in hand.

Or, yo man you nailed that backside fakey with permastyle!

Or, say Angel, today your hair's got the permastyle, what kinda product you holding?
by Adrian Matthew October 26, 2006
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