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A condition produced when a poker player receives such a bad beat that s/he will forever play poorly and erratically.
'Man, when I hit that one-outer Senor Foldo totally flipped. Real perma-tilt job.'
by TheGameKat February 13, 2008
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In poker an extreme form of tilt that can be produced by taking an exceptionally bad beat. The implication is that a player receiving such a bad beat will be so emotionally disturbed that they will play recklessly for the rest of their lives (permanent + tilt). While no unambiguous examples of the phenomenon have ever been reported the term is frequently used to indicate extreme emotional distress at the poker table.
"I get all-in versus this donkey with AA and flop quads. He's playing The Kat and runner-runners his miracle cards to make a straight flush. I've been on permatilt ever since."
by TheGameKat March 11, 2009
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