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a perky goth is a girl who dresses in black, listens to goth music but does not like the doom gloom and death aspect
that girl dressed in black is actually really nice. i think she's a perky goth.
by BloodRose94 January 01, 2007
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A Goth that is usually female (males are more rare) that either listens to happier Goth music (Voltaire, Fright Ranger, Cruxshadows) , dresses in a more silly, colorful way than most Goths, or has an overall happy mood then most Goths. PerkyGoths are usually seen as annoyances to other types of Goth. They are known for trying to cheer up MopeyGoths and dancing crazily on the dance floor.
That girl with a pink DeathHawk is such a PerkyGoth!
by Rare Male PerkyGoth May 03, 2011
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A variety of goth who deliberately maintains a cheerful, playful outlook in contrast to the perceived gloominess of the scene otherwise. Perkygoths will often have a very broad taste in music and dress in clothes which more "serious" goths might avoid.
You've got Dead Can Dance, Cruxshadows and Britney?! What are you, some sort of perkygoth?
by Certic April 22, 2004
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