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The Perennial Blast is the name given to a bowling stike where the ball hits 5 pins, specifically the 1,3,5,8, and 9 pins by itself for a right hander (the 1,2,5,8,and 9 for a left hander). The result is the complete and utter destruction of the pin deck. It is a feat so awesome the sound can be heard from outside the bowling establishment in and or beyond the parking lot. Perennial blast strikes are often registered on the richter scale.
(Joe) "WHOA! What da hell was dat sound!! We're at the bowling alley under attack!!" "I thought the war was over." (Mike) "Chill cuz. Dude struck again." (Joe) "Damn!" (Mike) "I know, it was just perennial blast!"
by Blastaar January 09, 2012
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