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An extremely politically correct variant of "person" introduced as an alternative to the use of "perdaughter" to appease women and because "person and/or perdaughter and/or other" is both cumbersome and offensive to the non-binary.
Person A: Honey, the postman just delivered the mail.

Perchild B: Two years ago we were told that the proper term is "postperson" because it was determined that the "postman" is offensive to women. Last year regulators realized that "person" is offencive to daughters so now must use "postperchild" otherwise we won't get any mail.

Person A: May I refer to him as Fred.

Perchild B: No. That is offensive to all people not named Fred.

Person A: But his name is Fred.

Perchild B: That's irrelevant. And, if you ever call me "honey" again I'm going to divorce you.
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by Len Bakerloo January 08, 2019
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