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Peppmeister is a name people earn when they are crowned "The Epic Awesome" and have a name that starts with a P and ends with a eppe

Also, If a person is crowned The Epic Awesome, He must present his title thusly;
"I Are...

Epic Awesome™"

Take note of the "Are" insted of "Am"

The word peppmeister comes from a little not-known culture in sweden and is based on to words. The first word is Pepp, short for Peppe, and is defined "awesome" or "Epic" (that is why the name has to start with P and end with eppe)
the other is Meister, defined "Master" from german.

put together to create Epic/AwesomeMaster.
Guy one: Hey, dude, that guy's just.. awesome, right?
Guy 2: Yeah, maybe a bit to awesome..?
Guy one: you're right.. He's.. Epic awesome!

*and thus he was crowned "The Epic Awesome" and given the name peppmeister*
by PeppMeister October 13, 2011
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