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this term mean to be a loser. to be a lower class of all people you associate with. to be so beyond noob you might as well change your name. this is the ultimate insult you can give anyone in the leet community. the term was first spoken by crkdkishan and crkd pepsi refering to a guy in halo named peon and the term peonub eventually took off to high statis of denouncing anyone with out the basic motor skills to play halo yet alone breathe on their own.
peon: i own. im so good.
kishan: wtfomg joo sux
pepsi: rly joo suck like nub
peon: i can get better...
kishan: you r teh nub
pepsi: you are beyond teh nub
pepsi + kishan: you r teh peonub
peon: *crys*
kishan: kill yourself now
pepsi: please! DO IT!
by crkdpepsi June 23, 2006
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