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1)When a person asks one or more individual for a small amount of money when they are a few cents short to purchase an item.

2)When someone takes the coins in an ashtray, a bottom of a purse, a wallet or anything else that has the probability for spare change to purchase an item. This activity usually occurs in a drive-thru, movie theater or a fast food restaurant.

Eric: How much is it for the Chicken Burger?
Shop attendant: $5.99
Eric: Damn it I'm 20 cents short, do you have any spare change Mike?
Mike: Dude, your such a penny scavenger!

When Eric realized that he was 20 cents short for the meal that he ordered at the drive-thru, he suddenly became a penny scavenger and looked at every corner of his car to find the required money.
by panda-coach ricky November 25, 2009
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