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an illegal act that an incoming penn state football player must go through in order to earn a roster spot. these acts include, but are not limited to, using and/or selling drugs, raping some drunk female, assaulting a female, dui, and so on. failure to commit an illegal act such as these ultimately results in that football player being thrown off the team.

penn state football is notorious for having the most unruly, misbehaved players. obviously they are not required to commit an illegal act to be on the team but because 93% of them have been arrested i just came up with the conclusion that
all the football players have to go through some sort of initiation.
guy 1: oh my god! isn't that our star freshman quarterback? why is he raping
that nun on top of a cop car with a bottle of bacardi in one hand and a crack
pipe in the other hand?

guy 2: hmm, must be his penn state football player initiation.

guy 1: oh ya, that's right. let's go sit on lawn chairs in front of JoePa's house and masturbate.
by himminy hoohah March 23, 2009
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