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This word refers to when one guy gets his dick stuck in another guys ass. Then the second guy has to poop the other guys dick out using his own poop as lubricant. (diarrhea works best)
Guy 1: "So Dale and I were doing it the other night, when all of a sudden, I can't pull it out. I went to reach for some lube, but that asshole shits everywhere on my cock and nads. I mean, I was able to get it out, but....seriously."

Guy 2: "Wow...what a penis pooper."
by Jan Cathy February 13, 2010
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Noun. Person who takes it up the ass.

Effective, funny insult- We all know you're gay, you fucking penispooper!
I bet that fag is penispooping right now!

"Do you know why chance is a penispooper?..."Because he likes it up the ass".. OOh
by jasonguido July 11, 2011
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