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A propollsion device which expells an actual penis from the circular, hollow interior. Ammunition is, in fact actual penis's, however they are grown in the ground instead of being dismembered from male humanoids. The first documented record of its use was by the Greek historian Plato, who described how an outnumbered Arabian tribe was able to defeat a Greek phalanx of approximately 250 men, by using primitive forms of what is now known as the Penis Launcher. Penis's are occasionally set ablaze before being fired in order to potentially cause more damage to the unfortunate victim(s).
Greg: Hey, whats the deal with Danny? I heard he's been in the hospital for a week or so now.

Franky: The kid got effin' Penis Launched right in his eye. He was on the subway and some guy just goes bananas and pulls out this home-made Penis Launcher with automatic fire and just unloads. Put 12 people in the hospital. Danny's been slipping in and out of consciousness for a few days now, but the doctors say he should be straight in like a month or so.

Greg: Damn, I never thought this shit could happen to someone I knew personally. You hear about this shit happening all the time on the news, but you never think it's something you will ever have to deal with. Really puts things into perspective, doesn't it....
by Alex Ausenbaugh January 28, 2007
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