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The indentation of male hips made visible by large abdominal muscles. They are called "penis hips" in that they tend to point directly to the penis. aka "Groin Dip", "G.I. Joe Muscle", "Inguinal Crease", "Jesus Crease", "Devil's Horns", and "Thunder Road"

Quote by Lisa Frydman's "The New Hot Spot" (Chicago Sun Times January 11, 2005)
"The inverted pyramid-shaped lower muscle group, which comprises the psoas (Greek for loin), iliacus and hip abductors, can be found beneath the belly button. If you're lean and those muscles are well-developed, they're nicely showcased above the waistband of low-rise jeans.

Think Brad Pitt in the famous "Fight Club" (1999) scene, in which he appears at the door wearing nothing but yellow rubber gloves as the camera zooms in on his well-defined "love muscle, " Matthew McConaughey (in anything), singers Nelly, Usher and D'Angelo in music videos, soccer star David Beckham, Mark Wahlberg (especially during his Calvin Klein modeling days) and Velvet Revolver's frontman Scott Weiland."
Why does Pink have penis hips?
by December 04, 2006
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