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An organisation of a bunch of people that often use the term: "I have nothing against foreign people, but... (use contradiction here)" It was founded in the German city Dresden and stands for: "patriotic europeans against the islamisation of the west"
They walk through Dresdens streets every monday with an average participant count of 4000 to 10000 people. In Germany almost every fucking city has an organisation like this but Dresden still has the most participants/idiots.
"Do you know the name of the nazi-convention every monday?" - "Do you mean Pegida?"
by t0IVI March 08, 2016
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An association for men and women that enjoy the sport of pegging, where the traditional sexual roles are reversed. The women in the association use a strap-on dildo to penetrate the men.
I went to a Pegida meeting and now my hemorrhoids are bleeding and my anus is sore.
by Mr. Skeletal September 22, 2016
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