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The urban/rural sport of peg hunting.
Requires jumping neighbors fences and their neighbor's fences and collecting pegs off each clothes line.

Similar to regular hunting, a photo with the mound of pegs at the end of the day is compulsary for bragging rights.
Saying associated with peg hunting are 'peg life' & 'let's get peggin'.
The term 'pegged' or 'peg hunted' is unlucky resident who notices their empty clothes line, sometimes to see their very own pegs on a neighbors clothes line, or in an abandoned mound nearby.
Peggin peg hunting peg huntin' peg lifepegged peg hunterpeg hunted
One boring afternoon in suburbia, three young men jumped each fence they could find and participated in the urban art of 'peg hunting', collecting pegs only attained by jumping a fence, dodging guard dogs ect. To see who collected the most by the end of the peggin session. A peg count is required at the end of peggin, and photo's with the mounds for bragging rights.
by EBE August 23, 2012
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