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a flimsy moustache often seen on teenagers who cannot grow a real moustache, but attempt to anyway. seen in abundance during no shave november in middle schools.

looks like a much thinner version of the moustache sported by pedro sanchez in napoleon dynamite
Example #1
( ignorant middle schooler) dude are you gonna do no shave november? all of the upperclassmen are
(realistic middle schooler) don't be stupid we both know that the best we can do is a pedro sanchez stache.

Example #2
middle schooler 1: dude i didnt shave almost the entire summer, check out my bad-ass moustache!
middle schooler 2: you look like the biggest idiot i've ever seen. go shave off that pedro sanchez stache right now before you lose every one of your friends
by LeTacoGrande November 28, 2009
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