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The possibility of pedophilia.

The temptation and possible act of pedophilia.

A person under the legal age that would possibly be acceptable to have intercourse. One could justify such an act based on physical or mental "readiness" for sexual behavior.
I never want to be a high school teacher, too many pedobilities involved.

I give Lord Botetourt High School a 7 out of five on the pedobility scale. But damn son, the nursery down the road is a solid 9.

Sarah may be 17 and still have braces but she's a pedobility in my book.

Mike battled within himself as to whether or not to attend the Paulies 4th birthday party. The pedobilities alone where enough to weigh on his mind and he hadn't yet considered whether the cake would be ice cream or traditional. Perhaps coconut. Or maybe a giant chocolate chip cookie...
by Broughizzay October 22, 2009
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