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Pedantophile - Pe-Dant-O-file.
Synonyms - Annoying, Very annoying, pedantic bastard, git, Grammar Nazi etc...
Pedantophiles are people who, regardless of logic or sanity, will complain bitterly about how something needs to be correct, perfectly, flawlessly and without error.
Constantly, never abating in their dedication to being, well pedantic, they will grind away the hours of your life debating whether people should use an oxford comma.
More interested in grammatical correctness than in real world issues, it is not rare for this type of person to be killed complaining bitterly about the lack of good English in the lesser papers, such as the Sun, or Star. Forgetting entirely, that the average reader of the Sun or Star, cannot actually read.
If you meet one of these people, be warned, conversations can skew into meaningless English lessons, the type of which you escaped years ago.

Symptoms of pedantophilia may well manifest in a similar form to that of using LSD, where people concentrate on a pattern for 4 days remarking afterwards..."It looks like cheesy burnt bacon, wrapped in a skein of Yak fur".

Pendantophilia may lead to Aids (unconfirmed).
"You didn't capitalise your sentence...DIE SCUM!"
"There should be a possesive apostrophe on that word"...*snort*.
"English muthaf****r, DO YOU SPEAK IT?"
"I am not a pedantophile, now, about this spelling of yours, Dyslexia you say?.... BURN THE WITCH!..."

by CJH May 13, 2007
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