Paul is an insanely talented young Irish man. The 24 year old rose to prominence by taking the lead role on the TV adaptation Normal People by Sally Roony.
It is now a well known fact that the series contained steamy scenes that Paul described as 'safe and empowerinhg', many people think it's completely fine and even funny to point out their intentions and sexual fantasies they're having of Paul.

Paul has expressed his discomfort about this uncanny attraction saying he felt 'objectified'.
This is NOT okay. If the roles were reversed, it would be a huge deal when a female actress is subjected to this negative attention and overly inappropriate DMs.

Paul is phenomenally talented, he's incredibly kind and gentle. His interviews are fun and his performances are just beyond perfect.

Real fans would never want him to think less of himself, or think of himself as merely an attractive body. He's much more than that and his family, friends and people he's worked with are fully aware of this.
"Did you see the therapist scene?"
"I cried my eyes out. The actor is such a talented boy. What's his name?"
"Paul Mescal!"
by Just another confused teenagr September 4, 2020
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