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(Pronounced: "pass-you" syndrome)

Passu-syndrome is most visible during a morning commute among fellow commuters to and sometimes from work. It is best described as: The tendency for a vehicle that is behind you and comfortable with your current speed as indicated by the buffer zone between your two cars to suddenly as you move into the right lane get more aggressive and pass you rapidly. This is not to be mistaken as an "aggressive driver" or a "road-hog". Despite that you are traveling at 70mph in a 55mph zone, he feels he needs to get one more car ahead.
Man 1: "What a lovely drive, everyone is being pleasant; even the "road-hogs" are not that aggressive today!"
Man 2: "Indeed, a beautiful drive to work."
Man 1: "Oh wait, look at this guy! He has been fine for the last 10 miles to stay a dozen car lengths behind me as together we do 70mph!"
Man 2: "So?
Man 1: " that I am doing 70mph in the right lane....he just has to get one more car ahead in the pack!"

Man 2: "Sooo?"
Man 1: "He has a clear case of passu-syndrome."
Man 2: "I think you need to get out more..."
by Professor Crabs September 26, 2013
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