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parkybear is an amazing girl. Everyone wants to be her let alone be friends with her she is beautiful, smart and good at sport. She is the whole package! Parkybear can sometimes be a bit quiet when you first meet her but once you see her true colour you will never want to leave her side. She can entertain a crowd in seconds. She is the best hook up any guy can get and trust me you will want to go for this one guys! she is a mans best friend and is the same around boys and girls eg. she doesn't act slutty infront of guys but once you gain her trust you've got her and believe me you will want to keep her :) Parkybear is one of those people you just want in your life forever and ever !
man i got with a parkybear last night, she gives the best tongueys i felt like i was floating on clouds!
damn. i wanted to get with her.
by imissyou123 April 23, 2018
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