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A person who feels narcissistically entitled to someone else’s parking spot and will back up to steal it. The parkissist is in a line of cars looking for spaces and has already moved past a spot, but then realizes someone is about to back out of the already-passed spot. Someone else is behind the parkissist and therefore is waiting in the appropriate position for the about-to-be-vacant spot, but the parkissist puts his or her car into reverse and backs up, in order to steal it from the person who deserves it. It does not enter the parkissist’s mind at all that he/she has already passed the spot and therefore should just accept the missed opportunity and move on. Nor does it enter their mind that they are backing up nearly all the way to the front bumper of the person who should rightfully be getting the spot, or that said person should get the spot.
Backing up to snag an about-to-be-open spot is acceptable if there are no other cars behind waiting for that spot, but a Parkissist commits the backing up routine even when there is a line of cars behind.
by MS Libertarian June 30, 2014
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