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1. Extremely annoyed/pissed with your parents especially for the following reason.

2. Giving no reason to why you can't do something.

3. overly strict parents

4. when at least one of two parents are always home.

5. when one of two parents are always nagging you for something.
1. my parents always look through my text messages and check my myspace messages when i stay logged on to use the bathroom.

2. Hey mom can i go to the high school football game with my friends tonight?, ill be be at 9:30 and you can call if you need me.
(parents) no
well why not
(parents) because i said so
wtf im so fucking parentnnoyed

3. I left my waterbottle on the counter and my parents just starting screaming at me.

4 Wow, im always stuck with my parents because one of them is always here, i got some weed two weeks ago but i haven't had any chance to smoke it because there here 24/7.

5. (dad) go get me a beer
(mom) after that get the laundry
(dad) after that bring some paper towels over here
(mom) after that get me a glass of milk

wtf? get off your lazy asses and get your own stuff
by don vito double chin August 31, 2008
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