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n. a parent pimp enables immoral behavior by offspring. The typical parent pimp has a higher than average income but a lower than average sense of dignity. Parent pimps are known to set up hookups for their children, following the theory that they can fix them up for life if they get the right victim, er, boyfriend.
The parent pimp is often replaying her own pathetic promiscuous youth, usually under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as she faces the increasingly bleak prospects for her own life. Parent pimps have lives that peaked in high school, so they try to regain that lost luster of youth, or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
Cool Mom is one of the variations of parent pimp.
Jerk Dad is the other spouse, and lusts after anything that moves. He is one restraining order away from the pokey.
my Mom is such as parent pimp. She invites guys over to hook up with me and leaves alcohol and condoms lying around the place for them. I think that she wants a three-way - ewwwww!

Jordan got hooked up by the neighborhood parent pimp. All he has to do is hop the fence after 11 and walk in as the back door is always open.
by Winston Salem January 23, 2008
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