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A really fun and clever webcomic by a guy named Zack Morrison. Go read it!
You'll thank me.
Hey have you read the Paranatural update yet? I heard it's great!
by TimesNewRoamin' November 03, 2015
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A webcomic by Zack Morrison. Paranatural takes place in Mayview, a small town inhabited by ghosts, that only spectrals can see.
Max Puckett just moved in ( a 7/11 might I add...) with his sister and father. Max starts to see these ghosts on the first day of school, and gets involved in some pretty crazy ghost shenanigans with being a spectral.
Other characters include Isaac O'Conner, Isabel Guerra, Ed Burger, and Richard (Mr.) Spender.

Paranatural GIF below!
"Have you seen the newest Paranatural update yet?"
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by Webcomic Anon February 08, 2017
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