Certified cool skeleton and a 100% approved spaghetti lover! Also is very strong and innocent and is the younger brother of funny skeleton man
Papyrus is my favourite CHARActer!
by Left Foot Man March 3, 2021
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the worst thing you can be.
P1: P3's music sucks!
P2: yeah, he's not papyrus
P3: I'LL SHOW YOU NOT PAPYRUS! *yeets instrument at P1 and P2, but misses*
by yardardar April 1, 2021
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1. A plant
2. A font
3. A cool skeleton
4. A demon who will rip your throat out
Papyrus please dont kill me im sorry i took your chocolate
by Ink0w0 May 5, 2018
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A skeleton named papyrus, his alternate persona is Phexonia.
by DeltaRune November 23, 2018
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A skeleton who is part of the game Underfell. He wants to be part of the royal guard. Papyrus likes to cook spaghetti and hates puns. I guess he's just missing his funny-bone.
Singular: Papyrus

Ex: Look! There's Papyrus right now!
Plural: Pap-Paps

Ex: Look! A wild pack of Pap-paps!
by Shineyabsol September 30, 2017
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The Great Papyrus is the tall skeleton in Undertale and is known for his incredible spaghetti. But be careful, or else his brother will come and fuck you up
Papyrus: Fear not, human, for it is I, the Great Papyrus!
by Dis Asshat September 13, 2016
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