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Papakura high, a school full of ratties, hoes & few smart people that'll never get anywhere. Depressed students all around. While walking through the school you'll hear "do you know who's selling?" at least several times. And by "selling" I most definitely mean drugs because Kura High students love to get high and use the bunsen burners in the science classes to light their blunts. The year 9's are all little shit's even when they're not. The year 10's are really only there to date the year 9's. The year 11's are the victims. They get their shit broken from year 9's or stolen by class mates if they take engineering/tech. Speaking of tech, that teacher is always talking. Anyways, the year 12's are. Wait, are there even year 12's? I don't know one year 12 at Kura high. probably cause they all drop out around year 11. And last but not least, the year 13's. All hanging out in a small crowd together. Can't wait to leave the school. Know's they're not going to university because let's be real, why would you go to Papakura High if you wanted to go to university? If they don't get a scholarship then watch out McDonalds, here they come.
Papakura high, full of sack nuts, stoners, and std's.
by wotdefok June 04, 2017
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