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Used for a loser dad or fake dad who tries to act all cool and knows nothing, thus being a real lamewad. Get his jollies off by drinking too much and forcing his kid(s) to follow in his footsteps or fulfill his own failed dreams of glory. This is done through physical threats and swearing.

The papa ghay tries to act all cool around the girlfriends you bring home thinking that he can get some action. The papa ghay gets extra ghay during social events like birthdays and graduations for extra attention.
Sherry: Who is that old man with his pants down?

Me: Thats my papa ghay.

Papa ghay (to Sherry): Want to have a fun time with a real man. Say hello to my little friend.

Sherry: Boy, that really is ghay.
by GlenJuniah May 25, 2010
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