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The fragrant, crystalized substance found on the crotch area of a lady's panties. Panty sugar differs from panty soup in the contents of the dry residue. Panty sugar should contain little if any anal discharge, whereas panty soup can and often does contain a very skanky concoction of anal, vaginal, and menstral leakage.
Her panty sugar was so tantalizing and well crystalized that her panties stuck to it when she pulled the panties down.
by big hoss May 29, 2007
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Panty sugar,unlike panty soup or other terms, refers specifically to the crystalized residue on the crotch panel of a lady's panties. This residue should only contain lady juice and be devoid of poop, toilet paper, or menstrual flow. This magical glaze is considered the royal jelly of soiled undergarments.
I couldn't believe how turned on I was when the panty sugar on her panties practically melted in my mouth.
by big hoss June 13, 2007
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