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Pantieclaus is santa claus's evil twin who at christmas will go around stealing all women and mens panties and he will spend the night filling one sack and emptying another, panteiclaus is a perverted freak and will steal 365 panties so he can enjoy one every night until next christmas, pantieclaus sniffs panties like a cocain addict, the one pound panticlaus predator pantie pervert preventer promising 100 Percent pantie predator paws protection! Protect your panties, pantie claus is real, he simply wants to get your panties! Im super serial. Send your credit card details or prepare your panties!
Person1: "hey man what did you get for xmas man?"
Person2: "OMG FML i went to take a selfie with my xmas presents and posted on twitter then i realised i had no panties on"
Person1: "OMG man panticlaus totally got you, thank god i bought my pantie protector"
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