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based on the character from the extremely difficult and extremely Japanese playstation game gitaroo man, panpus is the first character you have to defeat.In comparison to the overly harsh difficulty level of the other levels, playing against panpus is a breeze. Thus, calling someone a panpus is like calling them pathetic, annoying ,and/or amongst the lowest form of life.

Note: panpus can be extended into panpussio, used to call someone out when they are being a pussy about a certain situation.
man 1: hey, you alright?
man 2: nah
man 1: why not?
man 2: everything sucks
man 1: what's wrong?
man 2: nothing serious, i'm just so bored of being alive...
man 2: stop being such a panpus and get up and do something then
man 1: perhaps...

girl 1: i don't have any I.D!
girl 2: it'll be fine, i get in here all the time!
girl 1: i'm scared!
girl 2: alright, panpussio...
girl 1: what?
girl 2: never mind...
by gitarooooman May 17, 2009
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