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1) a phrase describing the adrenaline-fueled parkour champion-like moves no one, including you, ever knew you had, in an emergency situation. For instance:

Picture, if you will, an indoor play structure at a nursery school/day care. I'd wondered before how the grown ups were supposed to get in there if there was ever a kid inside that needed help. Then one day, one of the tiny tots bit another one real good, right inside the play structure.
I moved so fast that before I knew it I was inside the stupid thing with a screaming toddler in my arms, and no clear recollection of how I'd gotten there. I have a vague recollection of backing into it, somehow. The other toddler looked me dead in the eye and told me, very confidentially, "I bite."

2) possible reference to "Panic Parkour", a set of hott trax laid down by Urban Action, Dubstep & Chill
I don't like extreme sports or cross fit. However, show me a kid or animal in danger and my panic parkour moves will inspire awe.
by lotusoftheheart July 22, 2018
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