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Of those living in the LOFT housing in Pangborn are always those guys and girls whose parents made them live there, or there simply wasn't enough room in other buildings; the Pangbangers defy every law of substance-free housing on a nightly basis.

The halls smell of beer and urine, the stairwells of weed and occasionally laundry detergent, ketchup spatters are not uncommon, and cereal crunches beneath your feet. This dorm is a mess, but that is only because of thos effing pangbangers.

All of these incredibly foul things are only more highlighted due to the contrast portrayed by those who willingly chose to live in LOFT Substance-Free housing, who generally by chance live on 2nd Floor (a girls hall) and are deemed the "God-Squad." But not all of them... because whats-her-face is still a skank. jussayin.

Another tribute to those among the "God-Squad" are the, not one, but two chapels on either end of this residence hall. If you live here, you should frequent these chapels so you can pray for your sanity or your immortal soul, depending on what you do on the weekends.

PS: Check your ceilings, there is always something illegal up there for your entertainment. (alcohol or other illegal paraphenalia... or trash, there's usually trash)
They play X-BOX live during the day, and party all night... them pangbangers...

I want a handle for this weekend, I'm just gonna go knock on the pangbangers' doors.

Keep your legs closed, they aren't called pangbangers for nothing.
by shedoesntevengohere May 05, 2011
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