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Pandapee is the universal nymph of love, beauty and prosperity. She was known in the Orient as the sacred holder of divine romance and the protector of true love. To the perfection of her figure and the purity of her features she added an innocent grace. On her sweet face she always wore a smile and flatteringly stuck out her tongue. Her alluring eyes graced every surface and captured every attention. Her insatiable power had all of man falling to her demands. It is impossible to not fall for the goddess pandapee.
Pandapee is the protector of love and romance. Once in Hong Kong, a peasant farmer rescued a beautiful noblity daughter from a treacherous snake. The princess was so grateful for the farmer's attentative actions. Long and behold they quickly fell into love with unyielding affection. Unfortunately the king of the dynasty would not have his daughter be conjugal to a peasant farmer and threaten to exile him he courted his daughter. Pandapee, the nympho of romance, love and all beauty was distraught by this. She immediately made her presence known and allowed the farmer and the princess to be in matrimony. Till the end of their days, their love has been protected by Pandapee.
by dly June 24, 2005
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