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All boys catholic school in Salinas, California, everybody is a closet homosexual. The football team was good about 10 years ago but everybody still plays cause it's a good excuse to get hit hard by other guys. People think it's a nice school because it's private but really tuition is like 1/3 of what Stevenson is and it's basically free to anybody who knows how to play a sport kind of well. Palma students either believe in Chieftain pride or laugh at that bullshit and go there because it was better than their shitty public school option but they couldn't afford Stevenson or York. Oh and nobody is catholic anyways.
"Yo dude you play football for Palma high school? Man can't wait to see you at Hartnell or MPC in a couple years!"
by qwertyzxcvbnmpoiuy December 25, 2013
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