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palatial ragalia - a term used by mid twenty to early thirties women and men who feel a need to surround themselves in highschool cliquiness and security. They use this term to talk in secret code as if they were back in kindergarten forming their own stupid secret club. People who use this term today are probably people you used to go to high school with who considered themselves cool and in the "popular" group. These people are now probably around 28 and use childish jargon to talk to each other while they are making complete asses of themselves in public and telling about it the next day by posting pics on myspace and using captions to describe them such as palatial ragalia!. This term can mean anything and is mostly used to desribe drunken, disgusting,unattractive, party times and obnoxious people (mostly women who think they are attractive and "popular" to the bar scene). This word may cause one to stop and think what does that mean...therefore be cautious of those using it-they just want you to think that they are of importance...they are not!!!
Last night at BAR was total palatial ragalia!
Palatial Ragalia is not a trend, it's an attitude!
by Bruce Paleski December 08, 2008
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