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A statement used by any right minded indigenous UK resident upon witnessing yet another example of the increasing islamification of the once beautiful and proud British isles.
"Have you heard that wailing coming from the speakers on the mosque in Nelstan?"
"Aye - fucking disgrace. Pakis out"
by Nozzer August 24, 2006
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What 'white' brits say to asian immigrants, after leeching their blood for 400 years.
White man: pakis out, coz they are exploiting our welfare system.
Asian: are a fuckin retard. Your bloody existence is because of our money. you stole money from our country and made britain into what it is today. may be we should demand back all the taxes we paid, gold, diamonds etc you stole over the 400 years. The 'development' 'welfare system' that britain has today....where do you think it came from? if you didnt have our money to spend in would have been wiped out in the war.
by white_rat October 05, 2009
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Pakis out is a term used by narrow minded, ignorant, racist individuals. Usually in the UK, and usually white, though it is known that some black people use the phrase aswell. The media class it as a ethnic tensions amongst working classes, though a proportion middle class people in predominately white, suburban areas agree with said phrase... Thanks to the Daily Mail.

Violence against whites and black by asians (Muslim, Hindu, Sikh) is usually a product of the harrasment, persecution and marginalising of the group in the area, and if not, then self defence! If there is no harsh and discriminating attitude to an asian person then one will likely recieve no hostility.
Racist: Pakis out!
Person with brain cell: You are really stupid, you know?

Does a white person deserve more to be in the UK than an asian, just because they so happen to be born here?
by Dancalls999 December 06, 2007
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