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Pronunciation: Pa-jam-if-eye
Origin: Slang word found amongst the retail community, once coined in the year 2007

Meaning: Refers to some hot piece of ass's style that we clearly have not caught onto yet... Often the lazy co-worker who claims "my pants aren't clean" like a small dragon has raided their closet and eaten all the decent clothing they own... that girl" who wears terry cloth pajama pants to work (not just on Tuesdays, but every day of the week), again claiming they have nothing to wear... To "pajamify" yourself is ideally to give jack shit about your wardrobe and walk around in your pajama attire ALL the time...
Antonyms: a high maintenance chick, someone who cares, or someone who doesn't feel a personal bond with the wolf pack
Alternatives: sweat pants, yoga pants, half of a velour jumpsuit, wolf-pack tees, or GOD BLESS AMERICA
"You can't wear jeans to work, or pajamas for that matter... seriously if "Senor PP walks in here and sees that"

"Go home and pajamify yourself before you walk in here"


"Do i smell SEX!?"

by A shirt November 25, 2007
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To change into pajamas.
Don't worry, I'm not going to bed. I'm just going to pajamify and come back.
by Cluse September 17, 2018
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